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Overlapping typeclass instances issue

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:18 am    Post subject: Overlapping typeclass instances issue Reply with quote

typeclass Convertable#(type from, type to);
  function to convert(from x);

//Convert to the same type
instance Convertable#(a, a);
  function convert(x) = x;

//Convert HList to List if its members are convertable
instance Convertable#(HNil, List#(a));
  function convert(x) = tagged Nil;
instance Convertable#(HCons#(h, l), List#(a))
  provisos(Convertable#(h, a), Convertable#(l, List#(a)));
  function convert(x) = List::cons(convert(hHead(x)), convert(hTail(x)));

//A and B have a Common interface
interface A;
  interface Put#(int) x;
  interface FIFO#(int) other;
interface B;
  interface FIFO#(int) y;
  interface FIFO#(int) other;

//The Common interface
interface Common;
  interface Put#(int) in;

//Random Other interface we want to connect to
interface Other;
  interface Get#(int) out;

//Define how to convert A and B to Common
instance Convertable#(A, Common);
  function convert(a) = (
    interface Common;
      interface in = a.x;
instance Convertable#(B, Common);
  function convert(b) = (
    interface Common;
      interface in = toPut(b.y);

//Define how interfaces that are convertible to Common connect to Other
instance Connectable#(c,Other)
  module mkConnection#(c c1, Other other)(Empty);
    mkConnection(convert(c1).in, other.out);

Error: "TB.bsv", line 60, column 18: (T0128)
Overlapping typeclass instances Connectable::Connectable#(c, TB::Other) and
Connectable::Connectable#(function Action f(a x1), a) (defined at
"", line 24, column 6 ) cannot be ordered from most-specific
to least-specific, so they cannot support predictable instance-resolution.
Please resolve this by changing one or both of the instances.

I could restrict 'c', replicating the instance for A, B and Common type which I know to be Convertible but if a more elegant solution exists it would preferentially use that.
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